Skyway Airlines Fleet

Its all metal airframe adds rigidity and strength to the structure as well as high corrosion resistance and long component service lives ensures the highest level of operational reliability.
The wide-body, oval cross-section fuselage of passenger cabin volume provides the highest standard of passenger comfort as well as maximum versatility and utilization of the aircraft.

The LET 410 can comfortably accommodate 19 passengers. The modern interior design provides ample headroom and legroom with large windows in each row. Separate front and rear luggage compartments are available.

Benefits of flying with us

SKYWAY operates two LETs L410 UVP E20, a unique aircraft proven to be consistent and reliable in a wide range of temperatures and climate conditions, from dusty and dry African savannas to rainy Costa Rican forests.

  1. * Two General Electric H75 turboprop engines
  2. * More leg room and comfort
  3. * More Luggage allowance
  4. * Panoramic Windows

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